CH341A USB Programmer 24 25 Series EEPROM FLASH - UK STOCK

Perfect for reprogramming MX25L6406E commonly used in MacBook / Pro BIOS

USB Programmer With CH341A chip

Condition: New

Supports 24 EEPROM and 25 SPI flash 8pin/16pin chip

Recognizes 25 series chip automatically

And support download STC series procedure of single chip

With 24/25 status indicator lamp

SPI pin to support expanding the utility

Linux Command Line Utility Available (see below)

 & flashrom compatible

Can be used as USB Programmer, or USB->TTL Serial:

Jumper pin position:

1-2 = USB Programmer

2-3 = USB Serial Adapter (RX/TX)

Windows Software here:

Windows info & Driver download here:

Linux Command Line Utility Here:

Also works with Linux flashrom (v1.0 required)

select correct programmer with    --programmer ch341a_spi

Double check your IC (and correct number of pins) is supported

by downloading the CH341A software above, running it, and searching

for your IC. Check the voltage of your IC and use appropriate adapters as required.

Package Included:

1 x USB Programmer

1 x SMD Adapter pcb with pins

Supported chips:

A25L05P  A25L512  A25L10P  A25L010  A25L020  

A25L20P  A25L40P  A25L040  A25L080  A25L80P  

A25L016  A25L16P  A25L032  

AT25F512  AT25F512B  AT25F512A  AT25F1024  AT25FS010  

AT25F1024A  AT25DF021  AT25F2048  AT25F4096  AT26F004  

AT26DF041A  AT25FS040  AT25DF041A  AT26DF081A  AT25DF161  

AT26DF161  AT26DF161A  AT26DF321  AT25DF321A  AT25DF321  


25X05  25X005  25X10  25X20  25X40  

25X80  25X16  25X32  25X64  25X128  

25X256  25X512  25X1024  25X2048  

EN25F05  EN25LF05  EN25B05  EN25B05T  EN25P05  

EN25F10  EN25D10  EN25LF10  EN25P10  EN25LF20  

EN25F20  EN25D20  EN25F40  EN25D40  EN25LF40  

EN25T80  EN25Q80  EN25D80  EN25P80  EN25F80  

EN25D16  EN25B16T  EN25F16  EN25H16  EN25T16  

EN25Q16  EN25B16  EN25P32  EN25F32  EN25B32T  

EN25B32  EN25Q32  EN25F64  EN25Q64  EN25B64T  

EN25B64  EN25QH128  EN25F128  EN25Q128  

ES25P10  ES25P20  ES25M40  ES25P40  ES25M40A  

ES25P80  ES25M80A  ES25M80  ES25M16A  ES25P16  

ES25M16  ES25P32  

F25L004A  F25L04UA  F25L08PA  F25L008A  F25L016A  

F25L16PA  F25L32QA  F25L32PA  F25L64PA  

GD25Q512  GD25Q10  GD25Q20  GD25D40  GD25F40  

GD25F80  GD25Q80  GD25T80  GD25D80  GD25Q16  

GD25Q32  GD25Q64  GD25Q128  

KH25L4006E  KH25L8036D  KH25L8006E(OTP)  KH25L1606E(OTP)

MS25X05  MS25X10  MS25X20  MS25X40  MS25X80  

MS25X16  MS25X32  MS25X64  MS25X128  

MX25V512  MX25L512  MX25L1005  MX25L2005  MX25L2026  

MX25U4035(OTP)  MX25V4035  MX25L4005A  MX25V4005  MX25L8036E  

MX25V8006E  MX25L8006E(OTP)  MX25U8033E  MX25V8035  MX25L8005  

MX25U8035(OTP)  MX25V8005  MX25L8035E  MX25L1608D(OTP)  MX25L1636D  

MX25L1605D  MX25L1608E(OTP)  MX25L1633E  MX25L1635E  MX25L1606E(OTP)

MX25L1636E  MX25U1635E  MX25L3208E(OTP)  MX25U3235F  MX25L3206E(OTP)

MX25L3237D  MX25L3225D  MX25L3235D  MX25U3235E  MX25L3236D  

MX25L3208D(OTP)  MX25L3205D  MX25L6408E(OTP)  MX25L6445E(OTP)  MX25L6406E(OTP)

MX25L6465E(OTP)  MX25L6405D  MX25L6436E(OTP)  MX25L6455E  MX25L6408D(OTP)

MX25L12805D(OTP)  MX25U12835F  MX25L12836E(OTP)  MX25L12865E(OTP)  MX25L12845E(OTP)

MX25L12835F(OTP)  MX25L12835E  MX25L12855E(OTP)  MX25L25635E(OTP)

NX25P10  NX25P20  NX25P40  NX25P80  NX25P16  


PM25LV512A  PM25LV010A  PM25LV020  PM25LV040  PM25LV080B  


SA25F005  SA25F010  SA25F020  SA25F040  SA25F080  

SA25F160  SA25F320  

S25FL001  S25FL004  S25FL040  S25FL002  S25FL008  

S25FL160  S25FL016  S25FL032  S25FL064  S25FL128  

S25FL129  S25FL256  S25FL512  

SST25VF512A  SST25VF512  SST25VF010A  SST25VF010  SST25VF020  

SST25LF020A  SST25VF020A  SST25VF040A  SST25VF040B  SST25VF040  

SST25VF080B  SST25VF016B  SST25VF032B  SST25VF064C  

M25P05A  M25PE10  M25P10A  M25PE20  M25P20  

M25PE40  M25P40  M25PX80  M25PE80  M25P80  

M25P16  M25PX16  M25PE16  M25P32  M25PE32  

M25PX32  M25P64  M25PE64  M25PX64  M25P128  

W25X10A  W25X10  W25X10AL  W25P10  W25X10L  

W25X20L  W25X20  W25X20AL  W25P20  W25X20A  

W25X40L  W25X40A  W25X40  W25X40AL  W25P40  

W25Q40BV  W25X80AL  W25Q80V  W25X80L  W25X80A  

W25P80  W25Q80BV  W25X80  W25X16  W25Q16BV  

W25Q16V  W25P16  W25P32  W25Q32BV  W25Q32V  

W25X32  W25Q64BV  W25X64  W25P64  W25Q128FV  

W25Q128BV  W25Q256FV  

AT24C01  AT24C01A  AT24C01B  AT24C02  AT24C02A  

AT24C02B  AT24C04B  AT24C04  AT24C04A  AT24C08  

AT24C08A  AT24C08B  AT24C16B  AT24C16  AT24C16A  

AT24C32B  AT24C32A  AT24C32  AT24C64  AT24C64A  

AT24C64B  AT24C128B  AT24C128  AT24C128A  AT24C256B  

AT24C256  AT24C256A  AT24C512B  AT24C512A  AT24C512  

AT24C1024  AT24C1024A  AT24C1024B  

CAT24C01  CAT24WC01  CAT24WC02  CAT24C02  CAT24C04  

CAT24WC04  CAT24WC08  CAT24C08  CAT24WC16  CAT24C16  

CAT24WC32  CAT24C32  CAT24WC64  CAT24C64  CAT24WC128  

CAT24C128  CAT24WC256  CAT24C256  CAT24C512  CAT24WC512  

CAT24C1024  CAT24WC1024  

24C01 3V  24C01 5V  24C02 3V  24C02 5V  24C04 5V  

24C04 3V  24C08 3V  24C08 5V  24C16 5V  24C16 3V  

24C32 5V  24C32 3V  24C64 5V  24C64 3V  24C128 5V  

24C128 3V  24C256 5V  24C256 3V  24C512 5V  24C512 3V  

24C1024 3V  24C1024 5V  24C2048 5V  24C2048 3V  24C4096 5V  

24C4096 3V  

FM24C01L  FM24C02L  FM24C03L  FM24C04L  FM24C05L  

FM24C08L  FM24C09L  FM24C17L  FM24C16L  FM24C32L  

FM24C64L  FM24C128L  FM24C256L  FM24C512L  FM24C1

HT24C01  HT24LC01  HT24C02  HT24LC02  HT24C04  

HT24LC04  HT24C08  HT24LC08  HT24C16  HT24LC16  

HT24LC32  HT24C32  HT24LC64  HT24C64  HT24C128  

HT24LC128  HT24C256  HT24LC256  HT24LC512  HT24C512  

HT24C1024  HT24LC1024  

IS24C01  IS24C02  IS24C04  IS24C08  IS24C16  

IS24C32  IS24C64  IS24C128  IS24C256  IS24C512  


MIC24LC014  MIC24AA01  MIC24AA014  MIC24LC01B  MIC24LC02B  

MIC24AA02  MIC24C02C  MIC24AA04  MIC24AA025  MIC24LC04B  

MIC24LC024  MIC24LC025  MIC24AA024  MIC24LC08B  MIC24AA08  

MIC24LC16B  MIC24AA16  MIC24LC32  MIC24AA32  MIC24LC64  

MIC24FC64  MIC24AA64  MIC24FC128  MIC24AA128  MIC24LC128  

MIC24AA256  MIC24LC256  MIC24FC256  MIC24AA512  MIC24LC512  

MIC24FC512  MIC24AA1024  

NSC24C02L  NSC24C02  NSC24C64  

FM24CL04  FM24C04A  FM24CL16  FM24C16A  FM24CL64  

FM24C64  FM24C256  FM24CL256  FM24C512  

BR24L01  BR24C01  BR24L02  BR24C02  BR24L04  

BR24C04  BR24L08  BR24C08  BR24L16  BR24C16  

BR24L32  BR24C32  BR24C64  BR24L64  

ST24C01  ST24C02  ST24C04  ST24C08  ST24C16  

ST24C32  ST24C64  

X24C01  X24C02  X24C04  X24C16  


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