HC05 HC-05 Bluetooth Serial SPP Module on 6 PIN Breakout Interface PCB Board

Module is configured to 9600 baud, Slave,

   Name: HC-05, Pin: 1234 but all these can be changed.

Supplied with 4 way Dupont Female-Female Cables for fast connection.

Beware of Cheaper 4 pin model which has no button required

   for sending AT commands to reconfigure it!!  This model has the button fitted

   & is wrapped in clear plastic Heatshrink to protect it from shorts.

Use as Master or Slave, even pair two of them together for a transparent TTL serial link.

Ideal for Android, Arduino, PIC, MSP430, STM8, STM32, RasPi, Raspberry Pi Projects

 These Items are Tested in UK Before Dispatch

Simply plug into Breadboard, or connect to Dupont leads & then to Arduino / PIC

Pin Header is clearly labelled with functions

Built in voltage regulator, Supply input voltage 3.6 - 6V (MAX)

Serial RX / TX are connected directly to the HC-05 Bluetooth module

   - these are 3.3v levels and will require Logic Level Converter (See Below)

   to connect safely to a 5v Arduino or similar

HC-05 AT Commands info


Getting Module into AT command mode


Size: 1.52 * 3.57 (cm)


1 x HC-05 Bluetooth Transceiver Module soldered onto Breakout Board

4 way Dupont Cable Female - Female

HC05 HC-05 Bluetooth Serial Module

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