50Kg Load Cell x4 Weighing Scale Sensor with HX711 Module

Usually, 4 of these are used in a Bridge configuration

   to create a set of scales which can then weigh upto 200kg

Ideal for Arduino weighing projects

Arduino & PIC A/D converters minimum step size is approx 5mv.

Load Cells maximum output voltage is approx 0.5mv full range

   so you will need to use the provided HX711 module (a High Resolution 24 bit Serial A/D converter)

Instructions for use with HX711:

See image in listing of how the 4 (half) load cells need to be connected to the HX711.

Each half load cell has three wires - Red, White & Black.

Resistance between Black and White is approx 2k. Red to Black, or Red to White reads approx 1k.

Inside each half load cell, there is a fixed resistor of approx 1k, and a load cell which has approx

   the same resistance, but will vary (only by a few ohms) with applied stress / weight.

If you look at the image provided, the half load cells are wired in a Wheatstone bridge arrangement,

   and there is one half load cell at the top, another at the bottom, one on the left, and the other on the right.

The bridge arrangement (and the fixed resistors inside the half load cells) are designed to

   minimise and cancel out the effects of temperature on the weight readings.

Each quarter of the bridge will have either two fixed resistors in series, or two load cell

   resistors in series, and varying the stress / weight on any of the 4 half load cells

   will change the results measured by the HX711 and hence to the Arduino.

YZC-161B 50kg Human body scale weighing sensor

3 wire operation

Rated output: 1.0 ±0.1mV/V

Nonlinearity: 0.08 %F.S

Hysteresis: 0.1 %F.S

Repeatability: 0.05 %F.S

Creep(5min): 0.05 %F.S

Temperature Effect On Output: 0.02 %F.S/°C

Temperature Effect On Zero: 0.02 %F.S/°C

Zero balance: ±0.1000 mV/V

Input impedance: 1000±20% Ω

Output impedance: 1000±10% Ω

Insulation resistance: 2000 MΩ

Safe Overload: 120 %F.S

Ultimate Overload: 150 %F.S

Operating temperature range: -20~65°C

Recommended Excitation Voltage: 5 VDC

Maximum working voltage: 8VDC

Level of protection: IP65

Material: aluminium alloy

Cable: φ0.8×20cm

Weight (each): 22g

Package Contents:

4x 50Kg Load Cell Weighing Scale Sensor

1x HX711 Load Cell Amplifier IC Module

50Kg Load Cell x4 with HX711

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