Openlog Serial Data Logger Arduino ATMEGA328 Micro SD Card GPS Naze32 Black Box

Lightweight and Tiny - Amazingly simple to use!

Connect power, GND, and serial data to logger,

   insert memory card, switch on, and logger will log serial data.

Ideal for making a simple GPS data logger, just connect GPS module to this module.

Perfect for adding to Quadcopters or other Flying Machines to log serial output for later examination.

This module is a serial data logger, which will record data onto the memory card from the serial port. This function is similar to a black box to record the data from the main device to the serial port and save the data in text form on the memory card. This product can be used with a flight control board, connecting to the corresponding serial port, and by configuring CleanFlight, the important running data of the UAV can be recorded on the memory card.

The Micro SD card can be removed after flight and the Flight Log Data analyzed.

Note: After first powering up module with (formatted) SD card inserted, the memory card will produce a file called config.txt, which contains baud rate of the Openlogger module serial port. This parameter can be modified to match the baud rate of the device you are going to log. After inserting SD card back into logger, power up unit once to change baud rate, then back off again. When it is switched on the net time, the new baud rate will be used.

The 16MHZ ATMEGA328 on the module can also be reprogrammed using a USB serial adapter & the onboard bootloader  to be used as a very small Arduino Board with a serial port, 2 onboard LEDs and SD card socket - if the SD Card or LEDs are not important to you, you could reassign these pins (and possibly the serial pins too) as general purpose I/O pins.

This module is also suitable if you want to reprogram it with CleanFlight BlackBox firmware, see here:

You can then use CleanFlight BlackBox Tools to examine data:

Schematic for Openlog Serial Data Logger is here:

Much more info on the Open Source OpenLogger is available here:

OpenLog Command Set:

OpenLog Datasheet:

OpenLog Example Code:

OpenLog Continuous Logging Tips:

OpenLog Config Fie Info:

OpenLog Flashing Firmware:

Add a GPS Module

& build yourself a GPS datalogger...


Input voltage 3.3V-5V

The memory format is FAT16 / FAT32.

UART serial interface

Baud rate adjustable

The default bootloader is Arduino Pro Mini ATMEGA328P 5V 16MHZ

Technical parameters:

1. Supports storage on FAT16 / FAT32 format Micro SD card, storage capacity can reach 32GB

2. Has a simple command line interface

3. Change the config file in the TF card on the computer (if it is a new card, the first power on the card after the insertion of the card, that is, the config file will be automatically created), which can change the settings, such as the baud rate. You can change the serial port settings without using any special tools to make use of your needs.

4. Three modes: new, add, command

5. Supported baud rates: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, and 115200.

6. Minimum connections required to run are VCC, GND, RX

7. Two LED lights indicate module status.

8. Supply voltage Absolute Maximum 3.3V - 12V, (preferably 3.3 - 5V).

9. Idle current is 2mA, & logging current is approx 6mA, depending on SD card.

Image is for illustration purposes only, actual colour of Openlog may vary.

Reprogramming connections:


VCC → 3.3V




Package contents:

1x Openlog Serial Data Logger with Header Pins

Openlog Serial Data Logger

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