• VK-172 USB GPS Receiver

USB GPS Receiver VK-172 Ublox7 Fast 10Hz GPS/Glonass RasPi Win 11/10/8/7/XP Linux UK Tested

Highly configurable U-blox USB module with built in 18mm GPS Antenna

Easily configurable with U-Center Software

Can be configured to give 10HZ location updates

Ideal for Quadcoptors, Planes, Rasperry Pi, Laptop Navigation / Datalogging Projects

Standard NMEA and/or U-blox UBX outputs

1PPS (1 Pulse per Second) LED

Pictured packaging is not provided.

USB Device ID is 1546:01a7

Information transmitted by device upon first connection:

$GPTXT,01,01,02,u-blox ag - www.u-blox.com*50

$GPTXT,01,01,02,HW  UBX-G70xx   00070000 FF7FFFFFo*69

$GPTXT,01,01,02,ROM CORE 1.00 (59842) Jun 27 2012 17:43:52*59

$GPTXT,01,01,02,PROTVER 14.00*1E




Suitable for use with PilotAware

See first Posting on this forum here


Model VK-172

  C/A code, 1.023MHz code stream

  receiving frequency band: [1575.42MHz] L1

  tracking channel: 56

  support DGPS[WAAS, EGNOS, SBAS and MSAS]

  timing accuracy: 1US

  reference frame: WGS-84

  maximum altitude: 18000 M

  maximum speed: 500m/s

  acceleration: < 4G

 Electrical properties:

  tracking sensitivity: -162dBm

  capture sensitivity: -160dBm

  cold start time: 29s[average]

  warm start time: 28s[average]

  capture time: 1s[average]

Later Versions of Windows will automatically install Drivers.

If You have an older version of Windows, download and install

U-Center software, which then installs Drivers for this item...



1 x U-blox7 Usb GPS Module

VK-172 USB GPS Receiver

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